Bing-boom, zing-zoom-ting-ding-click!​

  When Lulu the gorilla hears the opening notes to her favorite songs in her jungle home, she cannot help but get up and dance!
 While making up some new dance moves, Lulu does not realize that her actions are causing a huge hullabaloo for her friends, Squin Squirrel, Lilly the owl, and Miss Skunk Fleur. 
      “Who is disturbing my slumbeRRR!?”
Roars the fierce lion Jhawfors when awakened from his deep sleep. What will happen when he confronts the young gorilla? Are Lulus' dancing days over for good?
  This charming new children’s poem follows one enthusiastic gorilla as she finds the balance between having fun and being mindful of others. Your little adventurers will not just learn an important lesson about thoughtfulness, they will pick up some amusing new dance moves to try out at home too!

             A peek inside​​

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